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Norse gods Vol. 4


Norse gods Vol. 4

Artist: バルドル・フリングホルニ(CV.神谷浩史)
Album: TVアニメ「神々の悪戯」神曲集 バルドル&ロキ
Plays: 746

♫ Holic ~ Balder Hringhorni ♫

Song: Round and Round
Artist: ロキ・レーヴァテイン(CV.細谷佳正)
Album: TVアニメ「神々の悪戯」神曲集 バルドル&ロキ
Plays: 1 184

♫ Round and Round ~ Loki Laevatein ♫ 


I want to be together forever


Free! Eternal Summer End Cards 1-9


「AMNESIA World Official fan book」Stellaworth tokuten: bromide


「AMNESIA World Official fan book」
Stellaworth tokuten: bromide

Love ★ Stage!! End Cards Episode 01-08


Ryoma and Souji modeling shirts for the brand “MANGART BEAMS T” The shirts will be available to purchase on September10th.


Be My Princess 2 [Mobage] Winning Cards

Hayden: Come here… I will give you an amazing.
Kevin: I am not going to dance with anyone but her.
Ivan: I am her partner, come over here.
Kuon: You are my only partner.
Max: Do I look more like a prince like this?
Oliver: Can you dance with me princess?
Sieg: Tonight just look at me.
*no Aslan card tho :( will edit if I get it*